Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stuffing the suticase and other last minute details

I leave later today and still haven't finished packing...maybe I should be doing that instead of writing... Nonetheless, I cannot wait for this trip. When I arrive it will be summer, and the parts of Australia I am going do not get super cold so I packed mostly summer clothes and light jackets to layer with. I'm not going to bring any school supplies because I can buy them there. Ideally I want to only pack one rolling luggage piece, one suitcase, a backpack, and a purse. That way I can carry everything easily between my destinations since I'll be traveling before I get to school.

To get in the mood for the trip I went with some friends to an 'Australian' restaurant today. It’s called Matilda’s/Mad Macs and it serves an odd combination of Australian food and macaroni and cheese. I got the Jumping Jack which is macaroni and cheese with kangaroo chili. It was very good, but under all the flavorings and spices I could not taste any difference in the chili compared to normal beef. I wonder what real Australian food will be like?

My goal is to get around 6 hours of sleep tonight. This ensures that I will be tired enough to fall asleep on the looooong plane ride, but not be so tired I’m grouchy on my last day. A mix of Big Bang Theory reruns and facebook should suffice to keep me up late. The real trick will be getting myself to get up early in the morning. For the plane ride I've got Suduko, a new novel, and a bunch of travel books on Australia, in addition to a fully charged laptop and ipod. I get fidgety on 3 hour flights to Florida, so I'm not looking forward to this one. The next time I write a post I will be on the other side of the world. Good bye US, and g'day Oz!

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